We are amused!!

Little Alfie was in no mood to meet royalty Photo: AFPTV https://au.be.yahoo.com/lifestyle/real-life/a/34608117/toddlers-tantrum-in-front-of-the-queen-yahoo7-be/#page1 I have often associated the phrase "we are not amused" with royalty.  Imagine my glee when looking at the photo of little Alfie chucking the proverbial wobbly in front of the Queen no less, with said Queen having a look of "we are … Continue reading We are amused!!


Criminal Justice System v the Media

https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/34592009/it-was-you-graham-stafford-hears-police-review-name-him-as-leanne-holland-s-killer/ Twenty six years following the murder of 12 year old Leanne Holland, the man who was found guilty  of her murder, then had that conviction quashed, Graham Stafford, faced Channel 7's Michael Usher in an episode of Murder Uncovered last night. I am not here to decide the innocence or guilt of Graham Stafford, … Continue reading Criminal Justice System v the Media

Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh…..

I am an avid My Kitchen Rules fan and have watch it with bated breath every season, salivating over gourmet dishes and cringing at others.  Who do I like? Who do I despise?  Who do I want eliminated tonight? It's all fun and games from the comfort of my armchair, however the fun and games for … Continue reading Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh…..

Has feminism gone too far?

http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/push-for-all-victorian-pedestrian-crossings-to-have-equal-number-of-male-female-signals/news-story/dab2639286e8b5c5a21904a16804b31b I could not believe my eyes this morning when I woke to the news that in the State of Victoria, Vicroads are funding a twelve month trial of female pedestrian walking signals.  The basis for this...... pedestrian walk signs are gender biased (albeit on an unconscious level)! Don't get me wrong, feminists have done … Continue reading Has feminism gone too far?

Father’s rights

https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic/a/34569912/murray-river-drowning-father-of-boys-slammed-over-crowdfunding-pag The public have been very vocal in expressing their outrage with comments ranging from "You're a disgrace" to "You didn't bother about ever seeing your son in the time he was alive and now you need $5000 to go and say goodbye to him.", towards the father of the two children subjected to attempted … Continue reading Father’s rights

Melbourne factory fire victims identified

http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/melboourne-factory-fire-victims-identified/news-story/5c57ba70befa19b5e648317887738894   Yet another tragedy has hit recently with the deliberate setting of a fire in a disused factory.  Three squatters camping out in the factory lost their lives due to a wilful and deliberate act of arson. One has to wonder why this happened, not only the arson itself, but the fact that the … Continue reading Melbourne factory fire victims identified

Body of boy missing in Murray River found by police divers.

The feelings I experienced today were that of utter sadness and despair as I learned that police divers had located the body of a missing five year old boy in the Murray River near Moama, and that his mother has been charged with the attempted murder of her other son and is facing additional charges. … Continue reading Body of boy missing in Murray River found by police divers.